Etudes and Scales

2014 audition rehearsal recordings can be purchased in the NMEA Store.

Choral audition materials

Jazz audition materials

String audition materials

Wind audition materials 

Percussion audition materials


Audition excerpts, etudes and scales can be downloaded below. Please click on the first link to download the 2014 Excerpts in a PDF. Please click the second link to download a ZIP file with the 2014 Etudes and Required Scales.

Choral Scales and Arepeggios

2014 Choral Repertoire 

Jazz demo recordings are now available and can be purchased in the NMEA Store.

PLEASE NOTE: Auditions for vibraphone are being taken this year. 

Alto Sax: Scales

Tenor Sax: Scales

Bari Sax: Scales

Lead Trumpet:

Trumpet: Scales

Trombone: Scales

Bass Trombone: Scales


Piano: Scales

String Bass: Scales

Vibes: Scales

Drumset (must also do Auxiliary audition): Required Styles Sheet

Auxiliary Percussion:


String Excerpts, Etudes and Scales

Wind Excerpts, Etudes, and Scales

Percussion Excerpts, Etudes, Scales and Rudiments